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Discover and celebrate your family stories


Protecting the past, Connecting generations

The stories that our parents and grandparents recount serve as a reminder of who we are today and strengthen the bonds within our family. By documenting these stories in a format that can be easily preserved and shared, we create a gift that keeps on giving, forever. It is hard to give anything more meaningful than great memories.

Bryan Fawcett Life Story

This trailer was produced following the completion of the Legacy Film chronicling the life of Bryan Fawcett



The combination of photographs and vintage videos with music, sound effects, and visual cues offers a deeper and more profound experience for all ages.

full inmersion

Films uniquely capture the voice nuances, facial expressions, and storytelling of the honoree, transporting you into past conversations and giving the impression of presence.

Universal Allure

Addressing both media-savvy younger generations and those less inclined towards reading, ensuring a broad spectrum of viewers in a format that targets diversity and enhances sharing and viewing.

Making people’s films for over ten years

Life Diaries was born from the aspiration to help those who wish to share their stories with a Legacy Film and ensure that their family, close friends, and even those yet to come to discover the adventures, motivations, and life of the person who loves them. However, “Life Diaries” didn’t begin in 2023, but it had already been living in the heart of its creator, William “Geesh” Armero, long before he even realised it. It has walked alongside him since his childhood, in every conversation with his family and friends, in the homemade videos created for his family when he was a child, in every project at university, and in his professional career, producing documentaries all around the world. But above all, it lives in his day-to-day life, where he never ceases to wake up with an insatiable motivation to deeply understand those who surround him.


‘I’ve know my Dad all my life, and making the film has made me appreciate him even more. The whole process - from the initial meeting, to planning the stories to be told and finding the photos to include, to the weekend of the filming itself, was such an enjoyable and moving experience, and the end result is wonderful. It means so much to have the amazing life of our amazing Dad captured in such a wonderful and professional way. Guillermo couldn’t have been nicer. At every step he was so helpful, encouraging and patient and showed a genuine interest in our family story. I feel as if together we’ve created something really special that means so much and will last for generations!

Kathy Fawcett (daugther)

‘It was so lovely to hear my grandad talking about his life and wonderful to capture and preserve all those memories’

Jenny Fawcett (granddaughter)

“We are thrilled to have something that so brilliantly captures the long and amazing life our grandfather has had. The finished film was even more fantastic than we imagined and we’ll cherish it forever. Thank you!”

Stanley (grandson)

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