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Everyone has a fascinating story

Our videos delve deep into people’s essence, capturing their true nature, their values, and the journey that brought them to where they stand today.

Our Films

We have a wide range of packages to create your perfect film. From creating a timeless movie for future generations, a film to honour and celebrate the life of a loved one, or producing small capsules that will endure over time and surprise your family or friends at a specific moment.

We have a wide range of packages to create with you the film of your dreams. From creating a timeless movie for future generations, a video to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one, or producing small capsules that will endure time and surprise your family or friends at a specific moment.

Legacy Films

A documentary covering the life story and insights of a person. We will showcase the unique qualities, experiences, and personality of a loved one and their contributions to the family’s history.

Tribute Films

Honour, celebrate and commemorate the life and achievements of a particular person or group. Keep a record of friends and family members who recognise a special person at a significant milestone event.

In Memorian Films

One way to honour a loved one who has passed is to collect and share their cherished memories and stories. This can create a lasting legacy and celebrate their unique qualities and accomplishments.

Time Capsules

For those who wish to participate in future events that they can’t attend, we introduce time capsule films. Record your messages in the form of a movie to be viewed only at a future moment of your choosing.

How it works


Phone Consultation

During our complimentary phone consultation, we will comprehensively outline the entire process of crafting your film. We will also delve into the objectives of your film and address any doubts or questions you may have about the entire process.


Once we have your approval to commence your film, we will request that you complete a questionnaire. It will furnish us with essential information about your expectations, enabling us to begin crafting the most relevant interview questions.


With a clear understanding of your motivations, project objectives, and personal circumstances, we will design and present an action plan to you to initiate the process of shaping your film.


We will visit your chosen location, ask thought-provoking questions, and encourage sharing personal stories, providing a glimpse into your family history through a friendly and informal conversation.


We will seamlessly merge the recorded footage and enhance it with relevant photos and visuals. We will also include customised musical scores to harmonise your film.


Once the final cut of your film is ready and you are happy with it, we will deliver it to you via a USB drive, ensuring that your entire family and loved ones can enjoy watching it for years to come.

general questions

How does everything start?

After our initial conversation, once you have selected your desired package and made the payment, the fun part begins! We will send you an email containing an initial questionnaire. If you have difficulty writing, please let us know, and we can send you an audio file. Then, you can respond to us with an audio file as well. This questionnaire is critical to understanding the type of film you wish to make and to gather information about yourself, your family, and the most important moments of your life. This information will assist us in developing your bespoke questions, creating the structure for the final film, and having a vision of what the final film will look like. We will then send you all the questions we are planning to ask (although remember that many other questions will arise from our conversation), so you have time to think about the answers and what you would like to say. Once we are both ready, we will arrange a suitable date or dates to film the interviews.

How is normal filming day?

Typically, our team will be on-site for 6 to 7 hours. Upon arrival, we will collaborate with you to identify the most visually appealing location to record the interview. Our team will then carefully and respectfully set up the lighting, cameras, and microphones while being mindful of your home and privacy. The filming process will take approximately 4 hours in total. After about 2 hours, or if you become fatigued, we will pause for a brief break to review the progress of the interview and ensure that you are comfortable. Once we are both satisfied with the interview, we will pack up and return to our office to initiate the backup process, leaving your home as we found it.

How is the process after being filmed?

Around 20 days after the interview, the preliminary version of the video will be prepared for your review. At this stage, you will need to check the narrative of the video to ensure that we have not missed any important moments of your story and that the film flows as desired. Once you are satisfied with it and have approved it, we will proceed to incorporate any still photos and/or video clips into the final product. We will intercut both camera shoots to enhance the visuals and, finally, add music, perform colour grading, and mix sound.

How do we know what questions to ask?

We place a significant emphasis on obtaining the exact questions in order to elicit the best stories possible. Our initial consultation and preliminary questionnaire are critical in providing us with a head start on the story and ensuring that we do not overlook any important family lore or stories. With over a decade of experience interviewing individuals for various projects, including the BBC, Netflix, and Discovery, we have developed a wealth of knowledge on how to lead conversations and uncover the most captivating stories. We have an extensive array of intriguing questions at our disposal, but often, the most revealing and profound stories emerge from unexpected information during a relaxed and enjoyable conversation.

Do I want a family member with me during the interview?

Although it is ultimately your decision, our experience and perspective suggest that conducting the interview with you alone in the room may yield better results for the film. In our experience, the presence of family members during interviews can sometimes influence the subject’s responses, causing them to alter or avoid certain stories.

How is the film/products delivered?

We will deliver the final video and other related products in a digital file format that can be conveniently viewed on a computer. As part of our service, we will present all files on a stunning USB drive that has been thoughtfully designed by Life Diaries.

How do we pay for the packages?

We require payment in full for all packages prior to the start of the project, and please note that all packages are non-refundable.

Is it possible for a family member to accompany me during the process?

Absolutely, it is not only possible but also highly encouraged. We would be delighted to have a family member or friend join us throughout the process to support and assist you. They can also serve as an additional point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have.

Can we still get a film if we live outside Bristol?

We are willing to travel anywhere for your project, and we also provide remote video options for virtual interviews. Please reach out to us to discuss how we can accommodate your unique requirements.


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